Rich and distinctive hardwood floors can add beauty and elegance to any home or commercial setting. These floors are more durable and easy to maintain than you may think.


Most hardwood flooring here in the United States are made from Red Oak, but can also come in Pecan, Maple, Ash, Rosewood and Teak allowing you to find the perfect grain and color to match almost any decor







Styles of Wood Floor - Parquet, Plank, Strip


Types of Wood Floor - Engineered, Solid, Acrylic Impregnated


Refinishing & Recoating


Choose What Floor for What Room


Installation Methods - Floating, Glued, Nailed or Stapled

Species of Wood

Domestic: Ash - Beech - Birch - Cherry - Douglas Fir - Heart Pine - Hickory Pecan Maple (Hard) - Mesquite - Red Oak - Walnut - White Oak - Yellow Pine

Imported: Brazilian Cherry - Cypress (Australian) - Jarrah - Mahogany (Santos) - Merbau - Padauk (African) - Purpleheart - Rubberwood - Teak (Thia/Burmese) - Wenge

Distressed Hardwood

Distressed hardwood floorings are becoming a popular choice in today's upscale homes and commercial buildings. Before today's modern sanding methods, floors were hand scraped on site to make the floors flat. Today's hand scraping is done to add texture, richness and uniqueness.


Different species have different standards, some none at all. The higher the grade the "clearer" or more top of the line the product is.


The angle in relation the grain as the log goes through the saw, 3 cuts are standard, plain, quartered, or rift sawn: The harder cut (quarter sawn has closer pours, thus making moisture less of an intruder).


What is the thickness and width of the floor you have chosen? What are the lengths? This could important if adjoining floor covering at doorways are not properly adjusted for. Some time the pattern of the product you have chosen may not be right for your installation. Always know or have specified the lengths, widths and thickness of the wood floor choice you made.


The most common is with strip or plank, the direction may depend on the sub floor joist (nail down), parquet may be in many patterns and/or designs from simple to intricate cuts and designs. Make sure this is spelled out in your contract, as to what direction the floor will be laid.


Always request a sample prefinished or unfinished (including final finish type). Every manufacturer has their specific trademark color. Today the naturals (oak, and maple) are the most popular. Remember, there will always be some color variation between boards, as each piece may very well be from a different tree.