Installation Methods

  • What type of installation method is required ?
  • What is the nailing schedule (how far apart are the nails placed) or what type of adhesive is needed (always use manufacturers adhesive products-if not warranties may be voided).
  • Has the wood floor material been properly handled prior to installation ?
  • Has it acclimated at the job site( In HVAC conditions- those that are normal for the area under regular living conditions?).
  • Are the moisture contents of the wood floor products and the subfloor compatible?

    Whether you, your architect, builder, or designer helps in the decision making about your wood floors, you must do your homework. The following are additional details you must consider, or have specified when knowing what hardwood floor will be installed.

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  • Floated
    usually 1/8" urethane foam
    sheeting or may be glued
    directly to subfloor

  • Glued
    using Manufacturers
    recommended adhesive

  • Nailed or Stapled
    (all 3/4" material) - as per
    manufacturers nailing schedule