Woven Wood Shades

Made from select natural woods, including reeds, bamboos and grasses, woven wood shades are uniquely textured, adding casual good looks to any room.


When lowered, the shades lie flat; when raised, they hang in even, overlapping folds.









Material Bamboo, Reeds or Grasses
Fold Size 5"
Sizes Available Width: 24" to 144"
Height: 36" to 108"
Fabric/Color Options 37 combinations
Privacy and Light Control
(1 to 5 scale)
(2) Softened light, moderate privacy
(3) Softened light, substantial privacy
(4) Diffused light
Specialty Shapes and Applications Angles and top-down/bottom-up
Operation Systems Options Standard cord; Continuous cord loop
Motorization Options No
Soil and Dust Resistant Yes
Uniform Exterior Appearance No
Orientation/Window Shape Horizontal
Safety Features Yes
Energy Efficiency Good
UV Protection Good
Sound Absorption Good